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• Interactive Digital Signage and Games

GroundFX is the innovative visual display system that allows people to directly interact with a large projected ad or game with their body movements, immersing themselves into your message. GroundFX provides a full-body interactive environment for an effective and fun experience for all users.

GroundFX technology is based upon Gesturetek's patented motion gesture control system. This system showcases an interactive virtual world where the state-of-the-art tracking system within the software reads the position of the body at all times, allowing for real-time movement and interaction with the display graphics. GroundFX can be projected onto any flat surface with scaleable display sizes.

Work is done through system integrators who handle all facets of site inspection, installation, activation, and system maintenance. Aided by remote diagnostics, GroundFX monitors and maintains all field units to keep display(s) running smoothly.

GroundFX also offers creative services to assist your design and campaign possibilities. Our creative production team can help incorporate your ideas into your GroundFX display, mixing 2-D and 3-D graphics, sound and video to meet your needs. In addition GroundFX provides several "template" interactive scenarios that can be quickly modified to incorporate your corporate image at low cost to get you up and running.

Ground FX brochure_01.pdf 1034kb

Ground FX Fish Pond Video clip 292kb Windows Media File

Informative article describing the Gesturetek interactive revolution.

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Holo-Info-Desk Multi touch software implements a major upgrade.

ICE AV technology will be on display at April retail seminar

ICE AV Projection Mesh to be shown at 2014 Feltman Lecture

Turkish Anatolia cross country rally uses an ICE LED Screen

ICE AV is Gold Sponsor at the prestigious NZ Body Art Awards

ICE AV supports creative arts event Illuminate Menagerie

FIA European Turkey F3J 2013 rely on ICE LED Screens

Square LCD Tiles enable creative digital screen displays

Innovative NZ first Aquatic LED Cinema Screen installed.

ICE AV will introduce the ICE Square LCD Tiles in Q1 2013


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