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Omnitapps Professional
Product Category : Interactive Software
Brand : Omnitapps

Available Now

Price on Application

iQRite Interactive is the interactive brand from ICE AV Technology that is delivering powerful and engaging solutions and components for the next generation of engagement experiences.

The most recent addition is the Omnitapps multi touch Application Suite that delivers a diverse range of capability for a wide range of content and interactive requirements.

Omnitapps from iQRite Interactive offers you the extensive multi-touch user experience.
The Omnitapp (multi) touch applications are bundled into different packages that have been developed for a variety of audience experiences. The software is not an adaptation of mouse click spftware but has been developed from the ground up specifically for todays grwoing demand for touch content experiences that can inform and entertain.

Omnitapps is the complete multi touch software package for engaging touch experiences

Omnitapps Multi Touch Software

In the last 3 years there has been an explosion in multi and interactive opportunities. To meet this demand we now offer a programme that can offer different options for your audience to be informed and entertain and Omnitapps fully meets their need for professional and robust interactive experiences. Omnitapps does not require specialist computer prgramming skills.

Omnitapps offers two principal applications, one for Professional Use and one that is targeted to the younger educational student.

Omnitapps Multi touch

Omnitapps Professional
It offers a collection of applications that offers you a unique way to present your products or services. Show your product photos, videos, brochures and even websites within a multitouch environment or put your products in the spotlight through one of the games. Omnitapps is the fully customisable (multi) touch application suite.

Omnitapps Application Suite details


• In Omnitapps Professional the unique features are:
• Multiple user interface. Dual touch, Multi user Touch.
• View (Flash)websites, Youtube, Google Maps etc
• Draw on displayed PDF's, video's, websites and pictures and save an edited picture
• Easy configuration.
• Customizable interface and background.
• Works with all iQRite Touch hardware and alternative hardware vendors touchscreen.
• Requires PC with Windows 7

World's thinnest 60 inch bezel Plasma Monitor

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3mm High Definition LED Screen

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HoloDesk 74 Inch Edgeless

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Media Master

Holo-Info-Desk Multi touch software implements a major upgrade.

ICE AV technology will be on display at April retail seminar

ICE AV Projection Mesh to be shown at 2014 Feltman Lecture

Turkish Anatolia cross country rally uses an ICE LED Screen

ICE AV is Gold Sponsor at the prestigious NZ Body Art Awards

ICE AV supports creative arts event Illuminate Menagerie

FIA European Turkey F3J 2013 rely on ICE LED Screens

Square LCD Tiles enable creative digital screen displays

Innovative NZ first Aquatic LED Cinema Screen installed.

ICE AV will introduce the ICE Square LCD Tiles in Q1 2013


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