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Product Category : Software
Brand : ProSoft

Available Now

Price on Application

Tele-Prompt software is a full broadcast quality grade teleprompting software application that will opperate om most current spec computers. In the past this has required either expensive broadcast TV equipment or work arounds like using powerpoint. For the average user neither of these are satisfactory. Now by partnering with ProSoft Digital in the UK, we bring you a full broadcast grade teleprompt software application.

This professional quality Windows based teleprompter software or auto cue allows you to achieve similar results to those from expensive hardware teleprompters for a mere fraction of their price!

Furthermore, Tele-Prompt is much more than a simple teleprompter. It also has its own built in high quality audio recorder! And one that can be synchronised to your scrolling script too, making Tele-Prompt a complete, self contained and fully integrated teleprompter software solution. Producing high quality audio and video sound tracks has never been easier ... or cost effective!

Not familiar with what is teleprompting software?
Simply it is what every newsreader for example reads when they are looking at the camera for the evening news. In fact what they are also looking at is the text they are reading for the evening news. The text is displayed on a special mirror that is invisible to the camera lens as it films the news reader through the mirror. For your application you do not need the expensive mirror assembly, and we will show you simply techniques that really will have you talking to camera, giving your speech or recording your podcast narration.

Video productions: typically news reader style presentations, corporate video productions, educational video productions, TV advertisements, infomercials and chat shows.

Live presentations: Tele-Prompt can be an invaluable aide memoir during PowerPoint style presentations. We even have members of the clergy using Tele-Prompt to help deliver their sermons! With its ability to start, stop and pause where required by simply using keyboard shortcuts means it's easy to control the pace of a presentation, deal with audience questions or expand upon a topic ad lib, knowing you can easily continue with your presentation at any time.

Podcasts: with its own inbuilt high quality audio recorder, Tele-Prompt is much more than a simple teleprompter or autocue. Pure audio recording will benefit from using Tele-Prompt. If you need real broadcast quality audio or Podcasts, you'll find reading from a teleprompter produces a far better result than simply reading from sheets of paper. And Tele-Prompt's completely integrated approach makes it a snap!

Live musical performances: by running Tele-Prompt on a second screen, hidden discretely within a dummy monitor speaker on stage, singers can be sure of never again forgetting the words to their songs.

Tele-Prompt Version 2.2 builds upon the major enhancements introduced with version 2.0 and so now it is even easier for you to add that professional touch to your audio and video productions!

Tele-Prompt users range from large corporations such as the BBC, Oxford University, Prudential Insurance and international insurance underwriters Lloy’s of London in England and Wells Fargo in the USA to individual presenters and independent audio and video production companies.

Finally you can say good bye to all those old fashioned “cue cards” and turn your laptop or personal computer into a truly professional style teleprompter or autocue!

To Purchase and Download or even try it for FREE.
Click here to download a FREE version of Tele-Prompt

Click here to purchase Tele-Prompt

Purchase in UK Pounds Sterling (GBP)£39.00 (CD version £45.00)
Purchase in US Dollars (USD)$69.00 (CD Version $US77)
Purchase in Euros (EUR)€45.00 (CD Version €49.00)

• Customisable Interface: Simply drag and drop the individual control palettes around to make up your own custom layout.
• 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarrantee
• Immediate Online Download
• Secure online Credit Card or Paypal purchasing

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