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   Meet ICE AV - Where Innovation is a way of life

ICE AV is at the fore-front of audio visual interactive, communication, entertainment and video projection capability with a range of revolutionary screen technologies, associated software and hardware solutions that enable us to deliver innovation in ways many can only dream or imitate.

Require something more exotic?
- A single off the shelf projectors enabling full 360 degree projection.
- Image mapping of 100,000,000 pixels or more on ANY SHAPED or format screen - spheres, 4 sided building size cubes
- Projection screens that are designed for projection in fully lit rooms
- Underwater screens
- Inflatable outdoor screens
- Rigid and inflatable dome projection screens
- Interactive glass, touch sensitive timber and granite or any non- metallic surface
- Need to emit audio out of glass or timber.
- Speakers designed to use water to create audible sound.

ICE Digital Daytime screens enable projection in highly lit ambient environments by increasing the projected image by 2000%. DUPIX is the dual sided imaging screen surface that displays and image on both sides simultaneously from a single projector, right through to Holographic screens. Or our new fixed frame Cine Black 20:1 Contrast Ratio screen allows beautiful pictures in well lit environments such as viewing rooms. Today we are active in the multi touch market supplying our industry standard polymer films.

Our software solutions, hardware control systems, cable and mount solutions are all designed with one goal in meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

We bring together a passion and belief in assisting clients to achieve innovative and value for money solutions based on a lifetime of knowledge.

We believe one of our strengths is taking various technologies and converging them into a seamless application. This could be as simple as using our unique Digital Front projection screen (20 Gain - world's brightest) and an entry level projector allowing you now to view stunning video images in a lit room. At the other end of the scale we are able to integrate a network of digital display devices in numerous locations and to deliver content and schedule capability from the other side of the world.

Today this knowledge and experience is at the core of ICE AV to be at the leading edge of products and applications in Residential, Commercial, Education and Industrial AV technology. In reality it is also a little boy doing what he loves best .... creating magic for others with audio visual technology.

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History of ICE AV
ICE AV Technology has grown from a lifetime fascination and interest in audio visual media, hardware and processes. It all began in the early 1960's when a seed of an interest was planted in the mind of ICE AV's Managing Director/President - Kevin Andreassend, as a young 8 year old boy with his very first home theatre projector and the fascination of home movies. Soon after he experienced B/W TV for the very first time, followed by magnetic recording technology, then onto developing and manufacturing photos and chemicals, followed by his introduction to the schools first portable calculator.

Next followed the introduction of the OHP, and soon the big magic...recording TV onto magnetic tape. After this there have been numerous developments he has been intimately involved with, from within the belly of a TV station, to some of the most prestigous home theatres money can buy, including developing a military grade system to monitor the world's rarest birds in pitch black forest conditions, requiring US Government approval due to the military grade equipment required. During this time the journey has been around the world into some of the world's most advanced companies and exotic locations from Siberia to Shanghai and across to New York meeting, experiencing, researching and exploring AV technology.

Today this knowledge and experience is at the core of ICE AV to be at the leading edge of products and applications in Residential, Commercial, Education and Industrial AV technology. In reality it is also a little boy doing what he loves best .... creating magic for others with audio visual technology.

A large portion of the ICE AV's clients are based around the world where we distribute products from our various brands that include iQRite Touch frames, ICE Projection Polymers and more recently the HoloDesk interactive DJ surface are just some of the ways we create magic in the screen.

This is out time just in case you're thinking of ringing us from somewhere in the world. Our office might be closed for the day.


Partnering with ICE AV
ICE AV is active at numerous levels in the technology market both in New Zealand and within Asia. We represent various manufacturers, offer professional services, market our own brands of product, represented by global distributors and representatives. We increasingly engage in outsourced manufacturing that enables us to bring the leading edge in innovation.

We have a particular interest in the AV convergence market, digital signage, simulation, AV telecommunications integration, theatre systems, and signal management. This focus has resulted in our being involvement in developing home theatre systems, commercial meeting rooms, interactive motion systems, control technology, SMS message systems to name a few specific areas.

We maintain strategic alliances and partnerships with key sales, engineers, manufacturers and professionals world-wide to deliver results. We are available to work on projects in the Asia / Pacific / USA and European regions and welcome your inquiry.

We would like to welcome you to join our journey, whether you are our partner, client, manufacturer or novice. Experience our passion, enthusiasm and expertise, as we use technology to create emotional experiences, enhance business processes and advanced knowledge and learning.

Please note that this site is being expanded and constantly updated so make sure you take time to visit us again. If you can not locate the information you require please contact us.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Kevin Andreassend
Chief Technology Officer

I would love to hear how we can assist and work with you. I personally look forward to hearing from you, whether you are a potential client, supplier, reseller. Our team is committed to working with you and to meet your goals.

ICE AV Technology Ltd
P.O. Box 303 013
North Harbour
New Zealand

Tel +64-9-414 2348 / 09-443 7531
Fax +64-9-414 2497
Mobile +64-27 647 2267

Location Map:Wises Location maps. Simply click here, enter ICE AV and a detailed map will be displayed.

The ICE Philosphy
Inspirational, invigorating, excitement, cutting edge, thinking outside the square, dynamic partnerships, living relationships, cross border business, cost effective, solution focused and giving you an advantage in business, entertainment and education...this is the ICE philosophy.

Today this philosphy, our knowledge and experience is at the core of ICE AV, to be at the leading edge of products and applications in Residential, Commercial, Education and Industrial AV technology. We bring together a passion and belief in assisting clients to achieve innovative and value for money solutions based.

The products listed are on the left are many of the products we use in our projects. They do not represent the entire range of products we can supply. Products we either manufacture, brands we represent or where we are an international distributor will be continually added to the web site.

Principal ICE AV Staff
The team at ICE AV is built around a small focused group that is in turn supported by contracted partners, resellers and service providers.

Managing Director
Kevin Andreassend
Mob +64-(0)27-647 2267
Office +64-9-414 2348 / 09-443 7531


We currently have vacancies available for dedicated focused persons who wish to join our sales and marketing team as

Independent Sales and Account Managers. If you enjoy taking responsibility for your own financial freedom, not afraid of hard work, enjoy solving problems and totally dedicated to customers we would love to talk with you. We will teach you from a life time of experience how to work with, understand and sell audio visual products and solutions.

The ICE Franchise is your opportunity to become part of the
fastest growing industry trends for commercial and domestic communication and entertainment.

The ICE Digital Daytime range of screen products, along with additional state of the art technology delivers the ultimate in
AV opportunities. New Zealand and International Opportunities.

Are you new to NZ and having trouble getting serious NZ work experience, seeking a change of direction in your career or require partime work? We have a number of work experience roles available that after a short training period you'll be equipped under the guidance of ICE AV to sell the latest in AV technology, or use the experience to add to your CV and chase the dream you dream off.

Contact: Kevin Andreassend, 09-414 2348, Mob 027 647 2267.

What do our customers and partners say about ICE AV.
Monsigneour Brian Arahill, Minister of St Michaels Catholic Church, Remuera, Auckland recently had the benefit of experiencing the "Excellence in Quality"from ICE AV when we demonstrated technical excellence, dedication beyond the call of duty and the magic of ICE Digital Daytime. In his own unsolicited words,..... "Kevin, Your dedication to having our screen working has been outstanding, indeed memorable. Will never forget the hours, the nights you spent on the job, Thank you, Brian Arahill.

Hi Kevin, I received the screen on Friday afternoon and have since tried it out with quite a few movies. It's great!
Very pleased with the picture I get and the build quality of the unit.
Many thanks for your excellent service and for supplying a great value product.
Regards, Richard Caradus, Wellington

Thanks Kevin.
You did a fantastic job, and it look great!
Ive put your invoice through to accounts for payment
Leigh Hoban, Marketing Manager, Les Mills Gym
Girls Day Out Expo

Dear Kevin
In my experience, as a supplier your commitment to supporting your product and your resellers, such as myself, has been at a level I must commend.

You have given your valuable time and expertise freely and have always been prepared to go the extra mile to solve any technical or product related problems that have been encountered. You have looked after my customers as if they were your own thus showing an understanding of my business and the importance of customer satisfaction to my success and therefore ultimately your own.

You have taken the time to offer training in your products, I am always kept up to date with new products and you are always willing to assist in product demonstrations. From my point of view you have a keen understanding of the importance of the philosophy of genuinely partnering with your resellers and developing a relationship of trust and mutual benefit.

Yours sincerely
Tel 09- 336 0932

Hi Kevin
The ICE Digital Daytime screens were AWESOME, thanks so much, got a lot of great feedback on them. Very cool to have, and added a great atmosphere to our conference.
Marcus Slagel, City Impact, Auckland, August 05

Reviewed by Independent Product Reviewer, Ted Gibbons, the full page Tone Test Report, heaped accolades and can be summed up with "On the whole, the performance of these screens is fantastic." Issue 37 - June 05.

Dear Kevin
Thank you for supplying a ICE Digital Daytime Screen for our recent presetation to Auckland Funeral Directos AGM. As a video producer and photographer, I value high quality image reproduction. ICE AV Digital Daytime screens maximeises the impact of work in variable ambient light situations and, in my opinion, surpasses the performance of other projection systems.
Mark Walsh, Iris Productions, Mt Eden, Auckland

The participants found that the visual experience in a well lit environment bought laughter and a fun experience . The VIP Guests had a fantastic time in Buzz! Megan Clarke, Director, Cooper Brand Experience, Auckland

The set-up at the zoo looked great, Im so glad we went with a Digital Daytime Screen!, Margaret Hawker, Brand Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment NZ.


Membership Affiliations and Organisations
We are members or affiliated to the following NZ business organisations.

Auckland ICT Cluster (Committee member)
Electronics Auckland ....
Auckland Chamber of Commerce
Innovators Online
NZ Trade Centre .....
Enterprise North Shore ....
New Zealand Trade Enterprise ....
Market New Zealand ....
The Foundation System ....

World's thinnest 60 inch bezel Plasma Monitor

ICE Cima Square LCD Tiles

FlexiFold LED Screen

Smart Glass & Film

3mm High Definition LED Screen

Virtual Sales Assistance

HoloDesk 74 Inch Edgeless

120 inch Video Plasma Display

70 inch Outdoor Screen

Media Master

Holo-Info-Desk Multi touch software implements a major upgrade.

ICE AV technology will be on display at April retail seminar

ICE AV Projection Mesh to be shown at 2014 Feltman Lecture

Turkish Anatolia cross country rally uses an ICE LED Screen

ICE AV is Gold Sponsor at the prestigious NZ Body Art Awards

ICE AV supports creative arts event Illuminate Menagerie

FIA European Turkey F3J 2013 rely on ICE LED Screens

Square LCD Tiles enable creative digital screen displays

Innovative NZ first Aquatic LED Cinema Screen installed.

ICE AV will introduce the ICE Square LCD Tiles in Q1 2013


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