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ICE AV File Download

iQRite Interactive Whiteboard Brochures
Brief two page introduction to iQRite models. 14.6mb

Individual Models
Interactive Projector Whiteboard for any surface.

Electromagnetic and Pressure Sensitive Whiteboards

Audience Response System for any application

Wireless Paper Interactive Board for unlimited size interactive whiteboard

The Inside Story on ICE Digital Daytime Concave Projection Screens
White Paper - Cost Savings and Performance Increase with ICE Digital Daytime Screens
This white paper details a range of technical aspects of the ICE Digital Daytime Concave Screens and how these technical features actually save you money through a number of real life case studies. This White Paper will be regularly updated.
A Guide on Cost Savings and Performance Increase when using ICE Digital Daytime Concave screens_Ver 2.01 1.64mb

ICE AV Digital Daytime Presentation - Short Version
This PDF presentation describes the many applications of ICE Digital Daytime Concave screens. Good short presentation full of real life applications and how ICE AV is able to assist you.
ICE AV Digital Daytime Presentation - Short Version 3.86mb

Ever tried to use projection outside during day light hours? With ICE Digital Daytime you have taken a step in the right direction to making it all feasible.
Short Summary Overview of Digital Daytime Screens 714kb

Digital Daytime Concave Screens can make a substantial difference to your projection images. This indoor comparison says it all when comparing it to a Matt White screens with all the room lights on.
Showroom comparison shows the huge difference

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ICE Digital Daytime Screen Schedule
The following catalogue schedule files cover the entire range of ICE Digital Daytime Screens.

We have listed the crucial specifications such as name, type, size, Gain efficiency and weight.

Please contact us directly for pricing.
Don't sit in the dark use ICE Digital Daytime and request a quotation here?

ICE Digital Daytime Screens - Part One 345kb
Hi Rez Diffusion
Lite Weight Mobile - Matt White
Black Light
Holo Screens
Retro Black Tension
ICE Digital Daytime Screens - Part One 345kb
Tension Silver Frame
Silver Matt Mirror
Motorised Silver Roll

ICE LED Technology Displays
Application Note

ICE App Notes_LED Curtain Screens 274kb

Application Sheets using ICE Digital Daytime screens.
ICE App Notes_Fourstar Expo Expo delivers the best images 401kb
ICE App Notes_Digital Daytime used for X Box 360 launch 525kb

ICE App Notes_Window Projection for real estate offices

ICE App Notes_National Computer Gaming Expo

ICE App Notes_Meeting Room projection in full lit rooms

ICE App Notes_Sony takes Digital Daytime on the road with CocaCola

ICE App Notes_Medical Centre foyer delivers health messages with Digital Daytime

ICE App Notes_Kiwi Legends of Speed and the 2006 V8 Super cars rely on Digital Daytime
ICE App Notes_Virtual Staff on Digital Daytime Screens 172kb
ICE App Notes_Digital Daytime helps raise $10,000 for Philippines mudslide victims 138kb
ICE App Notes_Interactive Street Front Interaction 154kb
ICE App Notes_Formula One Racing Car Simulator 243kb
ICE App Notes_Interactive street window with intelligence 179kb

ICE App Notes_Digital Daytime used for presenting software
124 kb
ICE App Notes_Investor presentation seminar 205kb

ICE App Notes_Hollywood fiction comes alive on the street
ICE App Notes_$42million high lit City Council seminar room uses Digital Daytime 142kb
ICE App Notes_New concept for stacked screens deliver 2.3m high images 148kb
ICE App Notes_Large screen home entertainment 318kb
ICE App Notes_Formula One Racing Car Simulation 227kb
ICE App Notes_SimDeck Grand Prix Simulator features Digital Daytime at Big Boys Toys 06 Expo 228kb
ICE App Notes_Church auditorium improves satellite broadcast quality with more efficient screen 556kb
DDT App Notes ICE App Notes_Large screen airport display solution 188kb
DDT App Notes Redefining the concept of a footpath bill board and window shopping 216kb
DDT App Notes Instore retail entertainment and digital signage 207kb
DDT App Notes_BodyArt Awards_Seminar 290kb

Application Sheets using ICE Digital Daytime screens.
Setting a trend, finding a new concept or solution, often means manys hours of sleepless dreaming, planning and research. Alternatively you can visit the Application Sheets area of our web site where you can learn about new technology, discovers applications that others are installing.

The truth is now starting to be realised by many, that Plasma displays do not last forever, despite the high price tag and with all things considered, display a relatively small picture. ICE Digital Daytime screens are now viewed by many as a viable alternative as it allows very low cost projectors to dispaly images in high ambient lit environments. Previously it would have been totally impossible to achieve this performance with a matt white or glass bead screen from any manufacturer in the world.

In these following sheets, we discuss and show applications that demonstrate ICE Digital Daytime Screens.
ICE App Notes_Cardio Theatre-Les Mills 95kb
ICE App Notes_Video Rental Franchise-United Video 363kb
ICE App Notes_Exhibitions 601kb
ICE App Notes_City Impact Cafe_01.pdf 255kb
ICE App Notes_Porche Showroom_01.pdf 121kb
ICE App Notes_Supermarket 695kb
ICE App Notes_Singapore Tourism Board Presentation 497kb
ICE App Notes_Mobile Showroom-British Lions Tour 166kb
ICE App Notes_Virtual Reality Projection 103kb
ICE App Notes_Flight and Car Simulator 265kb
ICE App Notes_ACI International Aviation Expo 209kb
ICE App Notes_Luxury Real Estate Centre Bar and Restuarant 908kb
ICE App Notes_Touch screen projection technology. 341 kb
ICE App Notes_Cafe and Health Reception Foyer. 570 kb

ICE Digital Daytime Screen Specifications, Recommendations & Comparisons
These technical specification sheets descibe the technical aspects of the ICE Digital Daytime screens. Each screen type has it's own screen performance and technical specification. The performance of each screen varies according to its primary purpose, installed environment, projector used and ambient lighting conditions. For further insight please contact our Technical Department.

ICE Digital Daytime Concave Technical Specifications_02 95kb

ICE Digital Daytime Concave Lens Screen Installation and Setup Manual 1.45mb
This document may require a password. Please contact us directly.

Matt Mirror
ICE Digital Daytime Matt Mirror Technical Specifications_02(Hard Flat) 95kb
Motorised / Manual Roll
ICE Digital Daytime Motorised / Manual Roll Technical Specifications_01 55kb
Tensioned Flat
ICE Digital Daytime Tensioned Flat Technical Specifications_01 95kb (pending)
ICE Digital Daytime RetroPower Technical Specifications_01 48kb
Dupix - Dual Image
ICE Digital Daytime Dupix Technical Specifications_01 95kb
Holographic Concept Screens

ICE Digital Daytime HoloLite90 Technical Specifications

ICE Digital Daytime HoloContra Technical Specifications 50kb

ICE Digital Daytime HoloDual Technical Specifications 48kb
ICE DUOPix Technical Specifications_01 48kb
ICE Digital DUIRoll Technical Specifications_01 47kb
Hi Res Silver Theatre Screen
ICE Digital Daytime - High Resolution Theatre Screen Technical Specifications kb
Cine Black
ICE Digital Daytime - Cine Black High Contrast Theatre Screen Technical Specifications kb
Embedded LED Projection SCreens
ICE Digital Daytime iLED Embedded Single and Dual Imaging Screens Technical Specifications_01 229kb
Display Technology Comparison
ICE Digital Daytime Concave Comparison with other display technology._01 63kb
Superior Performance Capability
Superiority of ICE Digital Daytime Screens Chart Comparison 1.35mb
Projector Brightness Recommendation
Recommended Projector Brightness Chart for ICE Digital Daytime Concave Screens 25kb

SimDeck Race Brochures
Download available
Business to Business newspaper feature on development of SimDeck Race cars 1.95 mb
Corporate Brochure
SimDeck brochure for team building, entertainment and marketing 5.8mb
Consumer Brochure
Consumer focused SimDeck brochure for birthday parties and under 14yr old.

Authorative Guide to a Career in the Motorsports Industry ...complete with Free Resume Review by veteran industry insider.

Comparing a ICE Digital Daytime Concave Screen to Matt White Screen
Many AV mags, brochures and articles allude that you can achieve stunning images using a matt white screen and bright projector all in normal room light. We would like to challenge any supplier to substantiate this with any 1000 ANSI projector. In this two page real life actual example, demonstrates clearly the superiority of ICE Digital Daytime screens in a fully lit room over Matt White screen.
ICE Digital Daytime Screen Brochure_Comparison 64kb.

For those following the launch of the ICE Digital Daytime Screens, it probably does not surprise you that NO MANUFACTURER OF MATT WHITE SCREENS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD has taken up our shootout offer or challenged our claim that the performance of ICE Digital Daytime projection screens in high ambient light conditions, is vastly superior to any screen manufactured using Matt White cloth.

ICE Digital Screen Application Brochures

ICE Digital Daytime - Dual Image Rollup Projection Screen. - Restaurant / Bar Application Take advantage of one projector producing an image simultaneously on both sides of the screen. Manual or Motorised Rollup. ICE Digital Daytime Screen Brochure_Dual Image Rollup Screen 77kb

ICE Digital Daytime - Outdoor Projection. Ever tried to use a projector out doors during the day. You were probably dissappointed with the results. Now it is actually possible. Download this brochure to see some amazing images outdoors with the amazing Digital Daytime Screen.ICE Digital Daytime Outdoor Screen. 183kb

Cardio Theatre
One of the major applications for the ICE Digital Daytime Screens is in the high growth fitness and health markets. Whether it is the Concave, Tension, Roll or Matt Mirror screens there is a size and solution that will be suitable. Even the ICE dual imagining screens will give twice the image for half the cost.ICE Digital Daytime Cardio Exercise Theatre. 110kb

Racing Car Simulation
The SimDeck Formula styled racing car delivers high octane action on the screen. Using a ICE Digital Daytime screen allows large screen simulation allows stunning race images in well lit environments. Full screen tension using full interactivity puts you on the large screen race track.
Sales Brochure
SimDeck Grand Prix racing simulator. 4519kb

ICE Digital Daytime iRite Write on Rub off screens.
Download video clip
ICE Digital Daytime iRite Write 0n demo 22mb
ICE Digital Daytime iRite Write 0n and projection 14.7mb
Download flyer
ICE Digital Daytime iRite Info Flyer 44kb

ICE Control from Creator
The ICE Control range of products includes a growing range of solutions that manage, switch, route, scale, audio visual signals. The Creator range is an emerging brand that has already captured 30% of the Chinese market and delivers a competitive solution to the higher priced US and European brands. Download the entire product cataloque here. Creator 2005 product Catalogue 23mb (pending)

Safety guidelines for the implementation of interactive whiteboards
This document will assist schools in particular to implement Interactive Whiteboards using projectors in a safe manner.
ICE safety guidelines for operating interactive white boards. 132kb

3D related links, products
iz3D 3D brochure - Gaming 4.5mb
iz3D Technical Whitepaper 1 mb
Games we have played on the iZ3D monitor 99kb
If you would like your game to be added to this constantly expanding list please forward a copy for testing. We believe 70% of computer games that have been developed are suitable.

Wares magazine review of the 3D monitor 346kb
Tone magazine product review. 283kb

Video Clips for download
Fourstar Exhibition featuring ICE Digital Daytime
Fourstar Exhibition featuring ICE Digital Daytime Screen - Big Boys Toys 05 6mb - pending

Westpac Rescue Helicopter Simulator featuring ICE Digital Daytime
Fly around Auckland in the Westpac Rescure Helicopter featuring ICE Digital Daytime Screen - Big Boys Toys 05 8mb

Simdeck Vehicle Simulator featuring ICE Digital Daytime
Drive a high speed Ariel Atom production racer or suped up Falcon ute in the latest computer drive game. 12mb

Simdeck Vehicle Simulator featuring ICE Digital Daytime
Drive a luxury real $120,000 sports car in the latest computer drive game. Big Boys Toys Expo 05 39mb

Meet Kevin Andreassend - ICE Founder and AV Innovator talk about ICE Digital Daytime Screens
Listen to some revolutionary concepts on screen technology and learn some secrets that you will not hear any where else. - 14 mb

A short video clip of the SimDeck scaled F1 on the Kyoto Oval track using a ICE Digital Daytime screen. With vehicle speeds in access on 250kph and being driven by a young 10yr old girl gives a new dimension to the meaning of "girl racer". 1.2mb

Length Converter
Here is a handy online calculator to work out projection distances and screen measurements.


length conversion factors provided by

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ICE AV Projection Mesh to be shown at 2014 Feltman Lecture

Turkish Anatolia cross country rally uses an ICE LED Screen

ICE AV is Gold Sponsor at the prestigious NZ Body Art Awards

ICE AV supports creative arts event Illuminate Menagerie

FIA European Turkey F3J 2013 rely on ICE LED Screens

Square LCD Tiles enable creative digital screen displays

Innovative NZ first Aquatic LED Cinema Screen installed.

ICE AV will introduce the ICE Square LCD Tiles in Q1 2013


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