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SimDeck nominated as the top 2008 Team Building concept in NZ Tuesday, 1 April 2008

A young boy brings to life an idea, that had its roots during the early 1960's in the seaside port city of Timaru, now achieves nomination for the Best Team Building Award 2008 in New Zealand.

The concept of Team Building is not new to the health of any business, nor is Formula Car racing as the largest spectator sport in the world, nor is the largest entertainment industry of computer gaming. What is new though has been the ability of Kevin Andreassend (ICE AV and SimDeck founder) to converge a number of world leading industries into a life like high tech experience that mimicks the glamour, prestige and high speed world of Formula One / A1 / Indy 500 styled racing enjoyed by fellow winning kiwi's Scott Dixon (Indy 500), Johnny Reid (A1 GP), Daniel Gaunt (Toyota International Racing, Chris Amon (F1), Greg Murphy (V8) and Brendon Hartley (British Formula 3)

In hearing of the nomination on the eve of 1 April (April Fools Day) bought a smile to Kevin's face with the comment "I am no fool and this is no joke, as what we have is one of the most developed simulation experiences and concepts in numerous aspects".

The full size SimDeck Formula styled car is an actual petrol powered race car, "crash it and you'll likely kill yourself, literally ...and that is no joke". Drive it up in front of the revolutionary ICE Digital Daytime life size screen, connect the projector to the vehicle's output and literally you are now racing at over 200 kph in numerous virtual race tracks around the world. Kevin commented "actually with wireless projection technology we literally only need to stop in front of one of our screens in any well lit environment and any number of our cars could all be racing in the same race with their own screen and perspective, yet viewable by the other cars, all thanks to our server technology. The fun aspect to this is it truely mimmicks and actual Grand Prix with many of the same issues and dramas."

The serious development of Team Building allows SimDeck to really help the aspirations companies have world wide in team building by immersing staff in real world activities via state of the art simulation. In the real world simulation Grand Prix SimDeck events, teams develop financial budget skills, online research, team role play positions, pit stop activities, virtual world high speed driving, team management skills, strategy planning, discipline, time management all in real race cars but in the safety of virtually any venue. Kevin believes, "we have one of the most sophisticated Team Building activities developed that 100% of staff can participate in even if they have physical handicaps or medical issues. I seriously doubt no employee can resist the chance to experience 250 kph hour and at the same time develop collegial attributes with fellow staff or their manager, all the while, unconsciously personal barriers are slowly being changed to positive interaction and understanding.

When asked why people buy into the team building Simdeck experience, Kevin replied, "Learning and developing should be fun and so what we have created is not just fun but a totally addictive, innovative experience based learning, inclusive for all staff, and a whole range of skills are learnt and developed.

SimDeck expects to be exporting the concept overseas by Dec 08 so we looking forward to being the Overall Winner for the Corporate Event Team Building Category later in the year.

To help SimDeck gain this prestigous award requires your simple vote, that this has got to be the best Team Building concept available. Click on the logo and you will push up SimDeck to the goal of Pole Position on the starting grid.

Pictured above to the right is Kevin with a scrapped car enjoying a joke that this is the next simulator project, followed by one of the actual 500kg race car simulators.

Cast your vote by clicking on the logo below
Your Vote will make SimDeck The Hottest Team Building concept in New Zealand

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